Personalized Branding and Marketing Strategies for Dental and Specialty Practices

How do prospective patients/parents perceive your dental practice?

Do your brochures and advertising materials convey the right image?

How high is your referral rate?

As the owner of a dental specialty practice, you know that perception and image are important.

Charis and her Smile! design team understand the intricacies of marketing a dental specialty office. With her unique background in marketing and as partner in a successful dental specialty practice, Charis has the knowledge and experience to help you grow your practice and make it more profitable.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation with Charis. She will be happy to discuss your unique marketing needs, including how Smile! can help with…

  • Patient acquisition and retention
  • Increasing referrals
  • Making your practice stand above the competition
  • Positioning your practice
  • Patient reward programs

Charis and Smile! will put your practice marketing on a more successful track. Click on the buttons to the left for more information and samples of our portfolio.