Personalized Practice Branding and
Marketing Strategies for Orthodontic Specialists

You understand how important it is for your patients to face the world with a beautiful smile. It’s just as important that the image your practice presents to potential patients be unique, powerful, and memorable.

The marketing and branding of your orthodontic practice is the key to your success.

Charis and her Smile! team will help you set yourself apart from other orthodontists so that…

  • Parents will know you’re the best choice for their family
  • Adults will want you to improve their smiles, and
  • Kids will talk about you at school

To make your practice stand out from others, Charis will use her knowledge of operating an orthodontic practice and experience of working with over 400 orthodontic practices to help you…

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Establish a true, patient-centric internal marketing strategy
  • Have personalized materials that make a strong impression on patients and parents

Charis created a marketing strategy that put her husband’s orthodontic practice ahead of the curve. She can do the same for your practice. As your practice image and marketing consultant, she will…

  • Learn your concerns, needs, and strengths
  • Focus on the areas most critical to the success of your practice
  • Establish a unique, powerful brand that identifies you in the community

After an initial one-on-one consultation, Charis and her Smile! team will help you develop your orthodontic practice image and work with you to design a consistent set of materials for distribution to patients, referring offices, and your community at large, including these products and services…

Charis has a proven strategy that will set your practice above all others…that will get patients in the door, recommending you to their friends…and that will have doctors referring their patients to you. Contact us today to get started!