Promotional Products for Orthodontic, Pediatric, and Other Dental/Specialty Practices

Does your practice stand out in your community?

Does your name and logo come to mind when a prospective patient thinks about orthodontics?

Does your name come to mind when a doctor, dentist, or staff member needs to refer a patient for orthodontic treatment?

One of the best ways to promote your practice and get your name out in the community is to give away promotional products identified with your practice name, logo, or brand.

Smile! always has our customers' interests at heart. We recognize that you want quality promotional products that fit your budget, so we’re pleased to directly connect you to our Smile! approved providers.

With quality promotional products and exceptional customer service, they’ll help you create brand recognition and increase your success!

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For patients and parents, we recommend these promotional products…

  • Sport water bottles
  • Coffee tumblers
  • Rhinestone studded bottles (Charis can’t go anywhere without someone commenting on her rhinestone water bottle!)
  • Recycled grocery totes
  • Chapstick
  • Pens & pencils
  • Bookmarks
  • Zipper pulls
  • LED key chain lights
  • Temporary tattoos

For referring doctors…

  • Embroidered items such as blankets, wine totes, duffel bags (These are especially memorable when you use the referring doctor's last name or initials.)
  • Multi-tools
  • Private-labeled wine

And don’t forget staff members of referring doctors’ offices. Often, they have a strong bond with their patients and refer them to specialists they prefer. Smile! suggests…

  • Crystal glass nail files
  • Rhinestone decorated bottles
  • Rhinestone decorated tote bags
  • Lotion, antibacterial gel, or sunscreen on a clip
  • Coffee tumblers

To promote your practice, don't always do edible goodies. Food is eaten and forgotten. The best practice promotion items are gifts that will be used every day. A plus is an item that both reminds the recipient of you and your practice, and that also sparks a conversation with someone who sees it being used. Give people tools to talk about you!

The products listed are only a few Smile! favorites out of literally thousands of promotional products that are available.