The Tooth Token Patient Reward Program

Are kids talking about you at school?

Are your young patients so excited about office visits that they’re urging their parents to be on time?

Are you frustrated because you feel you don’t have control over patient compliance?

Is your patient reward program outdated, cumbersome, or unexciting?

Tooth Token Patient Acquisition & Retention Program for Orthodontic and Pediatric Practices

Tooth Token Patient Acquisition & Retention Program for Orthodontic and Pediatric Practices

When Charis and her husband, Don, began his orthodontic practice, they knew they wanted to do something out-of-the-box to promote the practice and get it started with a bang. They knew they wanted a patient compliance program that was classy and one-of-a-kind, something that would have patients talking.

The program they created, which was instrumental in making Don’s first year an exciting success, is their Tooth Token Patient Reward Program, a turnkey solution for orthodontic compliance. The Tooth Token Program is an exciting, contemporary, updated riff on the old wooden nickel or paper money program. It works for several reasons…

  • Kids, who are more difficult to impress these days, love the coolness factor.
  • Parents are impressed because they appreciate seeing good behavior rewarded.
  • Because they’re different and beautiful, Tooth Tokens don’t get discarded.

Most of all, Tooth Tokens will draw attention. Patients and parents expect that all orthodontists will have up-to-date techniques and technology. They may even think that all doctors will be able to achieve the same results. Tooth Tokens will get their attention and make them remember you and your practice.

Tooth Token Patient Acquisition & Retention Program for Orthodontic and Pediatric Practices

A Smile! client who spends $5000 a month on marketing says that Tooth Tokens are the best marketing he's ever done! But you don’t have to take our word for the success of Tooth Tokens. Just listen to these success stories…

"One of my students came to school in her Wilson Orthodontics t-shirt and brought her tooth tokens and bank for Show and Tell. We both talked about the office and all of the positive experiences we've had under your care. All of the children now want to go and get braces so that they can earn prizes too!" —Dana, 2nd Grade Teacher

"I had a new patient come in two weeks ago, who had already seen two other orthodontists for an exam. The mom asked if we had an incentive program, and I was pleased to say that we were in process of getting one started. It just so happened that we had just received our boxes of tokens, so I went to open one up and gave the little girl our first token. Needless to say, mom decided to go with us! Very cool story." — Dr. Stroh

"I implemented the Tooth Token system and the response has been overwhelming! Patients (including the adults) and parents love it. One of my referring dentists was so excited he even took some Kanning Kash" back to his office to show his staff. As a start-up office, this has been the biggest internal and external marketing response we've had. The tokens and banks make the system work. I've seen punch cards and other systems, but they just don't generate the same excitement. Charis and her team at Smile! are great to work with. Their designs are sharp and classy, but what I like best about Smile! is that the "research and development department" is a real live orthodontic practice. I know they are using what they sell." — Dr. Kanning

"Our Brace Bucks (metal tokens) have paid for themselves over and over again. One of my patients recently told me, 'Dr. Prose, every time I brush my teeth, I think about that token.' Kids are persistently urging parents to arrive early to our appointments so they won’t lose a Brace Buck for not showing up 'on time'!!" — Dr. Prose

"I have seen more clean teeth in the last month since starting the Tooth Token program, than ever in my practice. It is also the best internal marketing I have ever done and well worth the investment - and I have tried it all!" — Dr. Singleton

Charis and Don’s favorite Tooth Token story is about a trip to Macy's after work. A little girl, Chelsea, had tripped on escalator and was crying. Don had some Tooth Tokens in his pocket and gave her one, and she stopped crying. A few months later, the mom called Don’s office and made an appointment for Chelsea, who had kept her Tooth Token. Chelsea became a patient and her mom referred people to Don who also referred people…One Tooth Token, given to stop a child’s tears, brought in $25,000 revenue the following year!

Tooth Token Patient Acquisition & Retention Program for Orthodontic and Pediatric Practices

In addition to being a great marketing and orthodontic compliance tool, the Tooth Token Program is easy to use and distinguishes your office with a classy, one-of-a-kind reward system. We provide all the tools you’ll need to make your office the one all the kids are talking about, including…

  • Tooth Tokens designed just for your practice
  • Acrylic banks for the kids to store their Tooth Tokens at home (also a conversation starter with friends!)
  • Guidelines and tips for setting up your Tooth Token Patient Reward Program

Tooth Tokens can be cashed in at any time, but most patients wait until the end of treatment to get the most valuable prize they can earn. Tooth Tokens aren’t just for kids, though. Adults like to get involved, too. They can earn gift cards or donate to a charity. We’ve even heard of golfers who like to use their tokens for ball markers. So, due to Tooth Tokens, your office might be the topic of conversations at school and at the country club!

Whether you’re starting a patient acquisition and retention program or switching from another type of patient incentive program, Charis and Smile! make it easy to implement a Tooth Token system. As part of your package we will email you:

  • Guidelines and tips for setting up your Tooth Token Patient Reward Program
  • Letter to referring offices
  • Flyers for patients
  • Powerful patient contract setting out guidelines for compliance and hygiene
  • Contest and activity suggestions
  • Information and customizable templates which can be printed on your letterhead

As Dr. Dave Allen, who switched from using wooden nickels to Tooth Tokens, says, “Kids are like fish.” They like shiny, heavy objects, and Tooth Tokens will snag them!

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