Quality Custom T-Shirts (with or without rhinestones) for Orthodontic, Pediatric, and Other Dental/Specialty Practices

Looking for a quality product that will promote your practice?

Want to ensure that your practice’s name will be out and about in your community?

Charis and her husband, Don, use t-shirts as easy, budget conscious, fun way to promote his practice. They give t-shirts…

  • To patients
  • To family members
  • As part of their Tooth Token Patient Reward Program (patients can earn a Tooth Token for wearing their shirt to their appointments…and extra Tokens if their family members wear them in too!)
  • As part of their Kid’s Club
  • To staff members as part of their uniform

These special, custom t-shirts are budgeted at a price point that makes them economical to give away, but the quality is such that everyone will be proud to wear your t-shirts outside of the office. Think about the promotional value of having your practice’s name in view in the community, at school, and at sporting events!

The t-shirts come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and decorations, including rhinestone bling. They’re digitally printed, which allows freedom in design, including full color and gradients. Digital printing also keeps costs down because there are no set-up fees as with screen-printing.

For classy, yet comfortable staff uniforms, we recommend our high quality, 3/4 sleeve, scoop neck t-shirt. You can add in bling, the latest rage, for a dash of fun.

Instead of your practice logo, the text "Smile!" in rhinestones is an option that’s fun and a conversation starter. Because it doesn’t have a practice name, people comment on the Smile! bling, which is a conversation starter to explain what your practice is all about. When Don's staff is out running errands or on lunch, they get complimented on their Smile! t-shirts all the they get to tell people where they work and the word spreads.

Smile! always has our customers' interests at heart. We recognize that you want quality products that fit your budget, so we’re pleased to directly connect you to our Smile! approved providers.

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